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The City Of Lanett Recognizes Retired Teachers Day

LANETT- On Monday, Lanett Mayor Jamie Heard, and Council recognized retired educators who have made a vital impact on our community as the city celebrated Retired Teachers Day. Councilwoman Tamalita Autry read a special proclamation for a special group of people.

"WHEREAS, the educational system within the United States of America and the State of Alabama is a vital part of society providing education for young and old alike and WHEREAS at the heart of the educational system are educators who are devoted to sharing their knowledge and experience with their students and WHEREAS, in the City of Lanett there are so many wonderful retired educators, whom I am a part of who have spent most of their lives giving of themselves to all children have demonstrated an ability to meet new challenges and enthusiasm, and WHEREAS, during their years of dedicated service they have earned the admiration and respect of students, parents, friends, and colleagues, and WHEREAS, retired public educators throughout the State of Alabama are deserving of the highest praise and recognition our City, and our State can bestow for devotion to their profession", read Autry.

It is such a joy to be here for this magnificent celebration because we are retired educators for the state of Alabama, and we just thank the mayor, council, and the entire staff for thinking about us during this time because we have given our all to our students, and I can look in the audience and I can see a few, and I thank you", said retired teacher Phyllis Zachery Stiggers.

Congratulations to the retired teachers, and thank you for your service.

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