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Tragic Collision: Chambers County Sheriff's Deputy Killed In Fatal Accident

Story by Jody Stewart with LaFayette Sun

On Monday the Chambers County Sheriff's department lost a Sheriff’s deputy in what has been reported as a one-vehicle crash between Welch and Standing Rock.

Twenty-four-year-old Deputy was Jmar Abel who had been with the Chambers County Sheriff Department for two years and was assisting the Roanoke Sheriff Department with a chase. Able lost control of his car which caused him to run off the road. The accident happened on Chambers County Road 278.

Circumstances surrounding the accident are being investigated by ALEA and the Chambers County Sheriff’s Department.

Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart spoke about Deputy Abel, “Abel was such a very nice young man, he did an outstanding job for us. His finance is seven months pregnant, and our thought and prayers are with her and her four-year-old son.” Lochart additionally spoke with April Ross with Bee Tv.

Hal Taylor ALEA Secretary, “Deputy Abel’s loss is an indescribable tragedy for the Chambers County Sheriff’s office, his local community, and the state of Alabama. We join the rest of the law enforcement community in mourning the loss of this true professional and devoted public servant.”

On Wednesday, the Chambers County Sheriff's Department escorted Abel's body to Talladega Alabama, where Abel was from.

"It's a sad day in Chambers County. It's tough when you lose someone, especially at such a young age. We are like family, and this is obviously very hard on us", said Lockhart.

Sheriff Lockhart reported that the day of Deputy Abel’s accident was his two-year anniversary with the Sheriff's Department.

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