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Valley Agrees To Ten-Year Tax Abatement For John Soules Foods

VALLEY- On Monday's Valley Mayor and Council meeting, the council unanimously passed a ten-year tax abatement resolution for John Soules Foods.

John Soules Foods is making a capital investment of $81,000,000 in the community.

'This resolution is a ten-year tax abatement for John Soules Foods for major additions to their existing facility for all state, and local noneducational property taxes, except 7.1 mills of local special county-wide taxes levied for road and bridge purposes", read Valley City Clerk Kathy Snowden.

"The capital investment of John Soules Foods covers phases 2 & 3 of their project. This will also cover the final three lines of the plant, and it's going to add one hundred new jobs. The property tax savings to the company over a ten-year period of $2,984,054, and a sales tax savings of $3,690,000. That's a total investment of over three million", said Ansley Emfinger from the Chambers County Development Authority.

Gator Media spoke to Valley Mayor Leonard Riley after the council meeting, who says that John Soules is now at capacity, putting them at close to 500 employees.

"They really have been good for our community", added Riley.

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