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Valley High Basketball Team holds championship ring celebration

Story ByTony Reese with WTVM Sports

Photo credit Jameka Harper

VALLEY- It was a night of celebration for members of the Valley Rams Basketball team Saturday night.

The team, if you’ll recall coming off a state championship year after going undefeated.

Saturday night, the team finally received those rings and awards to top off their phenomenal year.

Following the event, we caught up with the team’s head coach, Marshon Harper, to find out just how important this ceremony meant to him and his team.

“It means a lot to me, like you said we started on this journey when they were in the fourth grade. We talked about it and they were like coach we are going to win you a title when we get into high school. The kids, you can just tell, they work all the time. Gym rats, I mean just want to be in the gym. Most of them play football, and most of them play basketball. So they are athletic, but to win it for these kids, and to do it in this fashion, was unbelievable. And to do it for my city, I’m an alumnus of Valley High School, and played football and basketball here. The hard days and hard work paid off for me,” Harper said.

Congratulations, to the team and the entire Rams family, job well done.

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