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Valley Resident Addresses Council On Flooding From Recent Rain

The above photo was taken by Valley resident John Webb, who submitted it at the last council meeting. The council has decided, upon Webb's request to try and provide an easement to hopefully render a solution.

Story by Gator Kincaid

This summer has been rain-filled, and because of it, some residents have dealt with heavy flooding. One of those residents, Suzan Rhodes, who resides at 1909 26th Street in Valley spoke to the council about flooding at her house.

"It's really beginning to be an issue, My backyard is a complete total washout, and I have to make sure that the gates to my fences are open or stuff washes down the hill, and will block it, leading to potential flooding, which has happened a couple of times. Other homes around me have experienced the same thing. I went down into the new neighborhood behind me when it was raining, and noticed a similar pattern. Water had come up over the foundation. There are just no real places for the water to go to. It looks like a nice little rainwater runoff system in the new streets back there, but they don't go anywhere except into the field behind a field, which runs into an electrical grid. We just don't know what to do. The whole neighborhood the last time it rained just got completely flooded", said Rhodes.

City of Valley Planning & Development Director Travis Carter spoke to the council regarding the drains and the lack of drainage as it pertains to residents in the area of 26th street and roads nearby. Mayor Riley says the city will take a look at the problem, and see if there is anything the city can do regarding a solution.

Riley then addressed resident John Webb, who spoke at the previous council meeting on the flooding we had been experiencing.

"We plan to work on the easement on the right side of your driveway, We are going to try, and give you some help with the flooding that you have been experiencing. This should give you some relief, and we plan to start that work this week", said Riley.

Residents, Skip Kendrick, and Effie Wilkerson, who also spoke at the last council meeting on a similar grievance, had their claims denied. Gator Media spoke to Wilkerson after the meeting, and according to her will be on the agenda at the next council meeting to further discuss the dispute.

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