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Valley Resident Adresses Council Regarding Dog Complaint

VALLEY- On Monday, Valley resident Bradley Gibson adressed Valley Mayor Leonard Riley and council regarding a complaint he had about neighboring dogs at his residence of 106 MLK Drive in Valley. The dogs Gibson is referring to appear to be two to three Pit Bulls who travel in packs.

Valley Police Chief Mike Reynolds spoke afterward with a possible resolution to the problem in the the form of a potential ordiance.

"I've gotten with Seargeant Vallia. He has been through that neighborhood numerous times, and has assured me that he has gone through there a least a couple times a day. Unfortunatley, when the dogs see that white truck coming they hit the woodline, and are gone. He have tried setting traps, and will try to go back to set some more", said Reynolds.

Chief Reynolds added that the Valley Police Department will be looking at adding increased detail including weekends to help solve a potential dog threat to the city.

The new dog ordiance could unvieled by as early as the next City of Valley Council meeting on Monday, June, 13th, 2022

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