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Voting Underway For Annual Charter Foundation Grants

Again this year, there will be five Charter Foundation grants in each area (Troup, LaGrange, Hogansville, West Point, and Chambers County). This will be a total of $50,000. The top five in each region will receive $5,000 each as voting is currently underway.

There is no restriction on voting. Only for organizations in one area. All of the organizations are on a single ballot so you can vote for any of the organizations listed. The organizations are grouped by region, but again, you can vote for anyone. There will still be five awards to Troup/LaGrange and five to West Point/Chambers.

The Charter Foundation uses its resources to improve the quality of life within the Troup County, Georgia & Chambers County, Alabama communities. We seek to assist non-profit organizations and programs that are working to improve our communities in thoughtful, creative, and meaningful ways.


1. The Charter Foundation’s Community Voting is limited to residents of Troup, Harris, and Chambers counties.

2. Each person can vote only one time.

3. Each ballot will require 5 votes to be cast. These can be cast for organizations or a “no vote”, listed at the end of the ballot.

4. Voting will take place during June and July with winners to be announced mid-August.

5. The five organizations from Area 1 (West Point/Chambers) and from Area 2 (LaGrange/Hogansville/Troup) that receive the most votes will each receive $5,000. There will be ten (10) grants awarded for a total of $50,000.

6. Organizations cannot win every year. If an organization wins one year, it is not eligible to win the next.

7. A list of organizations currently on the ballots is available below.

8. Each interested organization is responsible for making sure that it is correctly shown on the list.


9. To be eligible, an organization must be a 501(c)(3), government, church, public school, or other IRS-eligible tax-exempt organization. The organization must also have an operation somewhere in Valley/Lanett/West Point or LaGrange. National organizations that do not have staff and an office within Valley/Lanett/West Point or LaGrange are not eligible for this Program.

10. Eligible non-profit organizations can get their names added to the ballot by providing their 501(c)(3) documentation before April 30.

Voting will end on July 31st at midnight Eastern time and the winners will be announced the second week of August.

For more information, contact Bonnie Bonner at 706.518.9440.

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