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West Point Lowers Millage Rate

WEST POINT- On Monday, the West Point Council with the exception of Councilwoman Deedee Williams voted yes in support of reducing the millage rate from 8.81 mills to 8.337 mills. Williams suggested a lower millage rate. The City of West Point has lowered its millage rate since 2017.

"My recommendation is that we roll back beyond what we are required to roll back from 8.33 to 8.0. That would give us still more than 2 million dollars to work with, which is more than what we had last year, and when you consider the increase in the tax digest I think it would be appropriate to do that. This would also offset inflation", said Williams.

"If we rolled back the millage rate to eight, how would this affect the city of West Point financially, and what effect would this have on the city"? asked Councilwoman Gloria Marshall to which City Manager Ed Moon replied.

"It would certainly be a reduction in revenue beyond the rollback rate. It would have an impact. Departments in the budget process last year were asked to cut their budgets 5 percent in order to make the rollback rate work, and there is a possibility that could happen this year. We could potentially have a situation, where we rollback, have a reduction in revenue, and might have a less level of service based on that amount", said Moon.

According to Moon, the total city of West Point budget was approximately $400,000 less for 2022 than it was for 2021 due to the milage rate,

In other West Point Council news, the Council unanimously voted yes in support of appointing Diane Davidson to serve on the Board of Adjustments.

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