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Wildcat Students Honor Past Legends With Springwood Houses

After an initial pilot test of organizing high school students into four groups of houses for last year’s Wildcat Games, this year’s senior class was passionate about elevating the house concept into a K4-12, year-long program.

At their planning retreat in August, the seniors began brainstorming ways to include the entire student body in healthy competitions – athletically, academically, and through community service opportunities. As they envisioned how to best capture the heart of Springwood in each of the house names, the seniors began to reflect on key people throughout the school’s history. Thus, was born the four house names: Founders, Boswell, Freeman, and Slade. The following excerpts about each house were written by each of the house leaders and presented to the entire student body on House Reveal Day in September.


The Freeman House is named in honor of Mr. Dale Freeman whose reputation as an English teacher is unsurpassed. A brilliant scholar and communicator, Mr. Freeman always expected the best from his students because he saw their potential.  He also guided Springwood’s Thespian Society to state competitions.  His love and care for his wife were evident to all, and in every way was a role model for his students and colleagues. Student Leaders for the Freeman House were Francesco Lim and Emma Crane.

Mrs. Patti Slade was a Springwood elementary teacher for over 35 years, during which time she was named teacher of the year three times by Springwood and two times by the Alabama Independent School Association.  She was beloved by multi-generations of families and was known for creating enduring nicknames for her students. Her tenure at Springwood has left a legacy of dedication, kindness, and excellence in teaching. Student Leaders for the Slade were Grace Kim and Anna Smith

Larry Boswell was a legend in the 1970s.  He served as the second headmaster of the school, the first athletic director & head coach, and the high school director. Mr. Boswell had a heart for students and a wonderful way of interacting with young people, teachers, and parents.   Having served in many different capacities on the campus, Mr. Boswell is special in the minds and hearts of two generations of Springwood families.  The Boswell Gymnasium was dedicated on May 15, 2008, to honor Larry Boswell for his service and commitment to Springwood School. Student Leaders for the Boswell were Chevyn Goode, Hayden Wolfe


On the shores of the Lanier Lake House, four men - Ted Merritt, Billie Williams, Smith Lanier, and Terry Bishop - dreamed up a place where children from Chambers County could achieve a better education.  Together, they created Springwood School in 1970, emphasizing academics, sports, and Christianity. What started as a simple thought soon evolved into the sprawling and lively campus known as Springwood School, educating and nurturing students in mind, body, and spirit to this day. The Founders House is dedicated to those who chartered Springwood School. Student Leaders for the Lanier Lake House were Jonathan Johnson, and Michelle Chen.

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