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WP Police Issue Protocol Ahead Of West Point Day

On Thursday, the West Point Police Department released its protocol ahead of West Point Day.

"The City of West Point would like to notify all residents that there have been no permit requests or approvals for the event commonly known as West Point Day scheduled for Labor Day weekend.

There are concerns from local citizens each year that large crowds and criminal activity will occur in select areas of the city during these non-sanctioned events. This is a notification to all hosts of any private events scheduled over Labor Day weekend that state law and local ordinances prohibit the blocking of any city street, intersection, easement, city-owned property, or sidewalk. It also prohibits stopping or standing in city streets. Our goal is and has always been to maintain peace and order in our community for all citizens who deserve the same level of safety and respect.

In an effort to curtail any potential unruly gatherings, the West Point Police Department will be taking precautionary measures to ensure that peace and order are maintained", said West Point Police in a press release.

West Point's protocol is similar to Lanett's for West Shawmut.

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